How Social Media and SEO Will Help You Grow Your Business

September 9, 2015

Most agencies will tell you that a SEO and social media are essential to grow your business.

It’s true: SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the best ways you can grow your business… and your presence online.

There are a lot of myths about SEO, so we’re going to break it down for you. This article was created in September of 2015, so you KNOW you’re up-to-date for at least the next 4 months with this definition.

  1. SEO is an activity that helps you...
  2. get YOUR company name out to YOUR prospective audience, via search engines.

But you’re probably wondering:

“WHY would an SEO website help grow my business?”

Bad things happen when you don’t have on page SEO

When your boring old, or worse, nonexistent old website doesn’t get content updates, you rank poorly on search engines.

When your empty, poorly designed Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account has fewer than 1,000 friends and no updates, you rank poorly on search engines.

When you rank poorly on search engines, you stop getting traffic.

No traffic = no results! Like an outdated business card or a bad email address, your website stops performing for you.

The fact is, an SEO website has tons of advantages, but with recent changes in search algorithms (Read: Pigeon, Mobilegeddon), only the best organic search results will bring you traffic.

People that succeed in building an SEO website do two things very well:

First, they build a home-base for their brand that’s more accessible than their retail space.

Second, they make sure that real searches their customers make online are bringing traffic to their website.

This is how it works:

If Google hates your site, you’ll never get any useful web traffic, and your competition will get the best of you (and your potential pagerank).

Side note: What is Pagerank?

Pagerank is a 0-10 value showing your website’s relevance online. It’s just one of many ways Google assesses your websites’ value on the grand scheme of the internet.

If you can’t find your website on the first 3 pages of Google, you’re not optimized for SEO (at least, not well).

Good On-page SEO means:

Customers find you.

Take a moment to let this one sink in.

An SEO website is a website that has been rewritten to speak Google’s (and Bing’s and Yahoo’s) language allows you…

...to take advantage of what you’ve been missing with your outdated website.

Go ahead and ask:

“And what am I missing, exactly?”

All those people on search engines are looking for services JUST LIKE YOURS!

When you have an SEO website, people who are looking for your company’s products and services can finally find you.

Imagine for a moment:

You’re a high profile personal injury attorney with a private firm.

No one is booking appointments online.

You decide to use SEO strategies on your website.

Voila! After improving your social media presence, creating regular blogs, adding metatags, on-page coding, and content edits, your ranking for new terms like “South Florida slip and fall” and “personal injury attorney doral”.

After a few months, Google starts ranking your website above your competition.

Suddenly, the internet is magically bringing you traffic, for FREE.

That’s the power of organic SEO. Suddenly, paying customers who are looking for your services can find you.

It’s time to discover your AMAZING results

An SEO website will help SEO companies crawl your website. This is why SEO will never die.

Your keywords define who you are, what service you provide, and what product you sell.

Good designs gain favor with search engines. And if you do them right (AKA don’t spam keywords or use bad tactics… this comes with working with a reputable company), guess what?

Your rank will climb upwards, and therefore, so will the customers who land on your website.

Allow us to put this in perspective:

Sites ranking on page 1 for just one of their keywords have been proven to increase in traffic by over 900%.

SEO does more than just add keywords. They help with:

  • Developing a good brand presence and visibility over social media platforms. This is one of the best ways to guarantee that your site doesn’t miss out on additional search traffic!
  • Convert visitors via blogs and press releases, increasing your credibility and calls to action that help you get discovered.
  • Get discovered for searches you never would have considered. Good SEO targets how your audience searches for companies, and that’s how they help your clients find you.

Now there’s just one question left:

Are you ready to get found by your new clients?

Hint: the answer is YES!

Get discovered by clients.

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