How to Download a Facebook Live Video in 3 Easy Steps

January 18, 2017

Can you download a video that was recorded via Facebook Live? Yes! Learn how. Facebook Live is very new, and consequently, it can be scary to wonder how your video is being stored and whether or not you're going to have access to it for future use.

Follow a few short steps below to have a hard copy of your live video.

This article was created in January of 2017, so you KNOW you’re up-to-date for at least the next 4 months.

    Step one:

    Right click the video that you want to download from your Facebook page. Select "show video URL". Copy that URL.

    Step two:

    Paste the URL into your internet browser. Replace the "www" in the URL with "m", and hit the "enter" button. This will bring up a larger version of the original video on your screen. This is the mobile version.

    Step three:

    Right click the video and select "save video as...". This will give you the option to save the video in a folder on your computer. Choose the folder, click "save" and your video will download!

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