Tutorial: How to Go Live on Your Facebook Company Page with the Facebook Mobile App

December 8, 2016

Facebook Live is a brand new way to get likes and comments on your company page without having to pay as much for them.

It’s true: Facebook LOVES video now - and will for the foreseeable future. In fact, the company is investing very heavily in video - purchasing ad placements with Apple TV and Roku.

You can learn more about the benefits of video marketing on Facebook on our blog, but we're going to jump straight into the tutorial below. This article was created in December of 2016, so you KNOW you’re up-to-date for at least the next 4 months.

    What Is Facebook Live? Facebook Live is Facebook's new video tool that allows you to live stream with minimal lag. While you're live, you can see messages and comments from people in real time. You can go live from your desktop or from your smartphone. In this case, we'll be demonstrating how to go live from your smartphone with the standard Facebook app.

    How to Go Live on Your Company Page

    Step one:

    Open the standard Facebook mobile app on your smartphone. It's the one with the Facebook "F" icon, and the default name for it is Facebook.

    facebook live company page

    Step two:

    Select the search bar. Begin searching for the company page you wish to go live on.

    facebook live company page

    facebook live company page

    Step three:

    Once you're on the correct company page, select the "post" button.

    facebook live company page

    Step four:

    Underneath the status bar, you'll see several options. Among them is the option to use Facebook live. Go ahead and select it. You can update or edit your status after the fact if you need to. This will not immediately start the video recording process - you'll have one more step before the recording starts.

    facebook live company page

    Step five:

    This screen will give you a preview of your image - how the video will look. Take a moment to position yourself and your subject matter. You can also give a title to your video on this screen, or edit the post after you've gone live. Once you've done this, go ahead and click "Go Live" and a 3-second countdown will begin.

    facebook live company page

    Step six:

    Begin recording. During this process, you'll be able to see comments as people who are watching the video make them. Relax, speak conversantly, and have a good time! When you're done, go ahead and click "Finish".

    facebook live company page

    Step seven:

    Finish recording. You can go ahead and delete the video, or post it to your page depending on how exclusive you want your live sessions to be. Great job! facebook live company page