SEO Help for Charlottesville Restaurants in Response to COVID-19

March 24, 2020

Local restaurants in Charlottesville, VA are suffering the biggest hit from the economic crash thus far. I would like to help local businesses that are transitioning to takeout and delivery based business models. Middleman mobile apps do not provide very good service in Charlottesville, and my company is open to offering financial assistance in the form of payment plans and some trade.

I started my business as a result of economic fallout after the 2008 economic crash, and the economic instability for businesses in the hospitality field has struck a chord with me. I am disgusted with the behavior of many in my industry, especially the duplicitous business practices of advertisign firms. Usually we operate on a concierge basis, and only represent one company in an industry at a time. Very few agencies do this anymore. However, at this time we are accepting multiple restaurant clients in order to help the local economy of Charlottesville move back towards a feeling of stability.

Big Deal Agency has over 7 years of experience in SEO and web development as well as online advertising. My company does not share it's websites via online portfolio, as that also creates unfair competition, but if you are interested, please contact me directly at kate@bigdealagency.com and I will share some of the websites we've developed for local and national businesses so that you can verify our SEO results and our ability to get sites on the first page of Google.

We are also offering limited free consulting for Charlottesville restaurant owners and other businesses that are affected by the current economic situation as a result of COVID-19. We are not interested in profiteering - it's simply that my team has a lot of good information to share, and this industry is full of sharks. I would like to help. It hurts me to see the gracious people of this beautiful city in hardship.

With great hope for the future

Kate B. Chester


Big Deal Agency, LLC